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Property Management in Southeast New Mexico & West Texas

Property Preservation

General Contracting & Repairs, Interior & Exterior Cleaning, Property Inspection, Security and Boardups

General Contracting

Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling, Roofing Services, Window & Doors, Drywall & Painting,
Home Repairs

Lawn Service

Lawn Mowing, Tree & Bush Trimming, Irrigation inspection & Repair, Debris Hauling & Waste Disposal

Interior & Exterior Cleaning

Our experienced team will prepare the interior and exterior of the property for the next phase.


Debris Removal

Whether it be from construction or foreclosure, our team will remove any and all debris throughout the property.

Free Estimates

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Our staff brings an exceptional combination of industry expertise and knowledge to each and every job.

CT King Field Services Inc.

Property Preservation Management

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